Innova Yeti Pro Aviar

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The Yeti Pro Aviar is for Big Bead Aviar lovers looking for a straight flying putter with a lower profile. Yeti's feaure a unique concave top allows for improved grip.


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The Yeti Pro Aviar is a straight flying putter that works well on the course. It's unique, slightly concave top allows for a lower profile and straighter flight than other big bead models (KC Pro, JK Pro & Aviar Driver). The Yeti was developed in a firm, grippy blend of Pro blend of plastic. It's somewhere between DX and R-Pro in both grip and firmness. The grippy firm plastic feels great in your hand in any weather.


*Editor's Impression*

The Yeti Aviar is a modified version of a KC Pro Aviar. The combination of a concave top, slightly thinner profile, & firm yet tacky blend of Pro plastic offers exceptional feel in your hand. Players who prefer putters with a bead will certainly appreciate the Yeti's straight flight.

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