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The Nova is Innova's latest & most straight version of an Aviar Putter. If you want a putter that goes where you tell it to, this is the putter for you!



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According to Innova:

The Nova is a unique putter designed with overmold technology. The rim uses a grippy putter Pro plastic, which is fused to a stiff, firm, Pro center section. The Nova has a stable flight that is amazingly predictable whether thrown hard or smooth. The dual-material tends to deaden blows with object, especially chains, making it a great putter. The stability and low glide allow it to work well for approaches. the Nova was designed to inspire more confidence when putting. The goal is to extend that "gimme" range for putts, and allow for longer throw in attempts with out the fear of going to far past. The Nova is a game changer.


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*Editors Impression*

The Nova is the most innovative product to hit the market in years! Nova's are a slightly taller Aviar & possess virtually no fade. That's right, no fade. Nova's track the line you release them on like a tightrope walker over the Grand Canyon. Make your putt's more true with the Nova.  

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