Gateway Demon EHPP

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Extremely Overstable & Dependable! 


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5 , 3 , 0 , 4

According to Gateway:

The Gateway Demon is an extremely overstable midrange driver. One of the most overstable golf discs currently in production, the Demon will hold its line into any wind. It is a very fast flyer with an extremely hard finish to the left making it as predictable as any disc on the market. When thrown flat it will finish with a strong left fade, a hyzer line will give a sweeping arc path that will knife into the ground. A solid disc for strong fade shots, skip shots, and sidearm hyzers‚Ķ when you absolutely need to get up and down, the Demon is the disc!

  • Turn 0
  • Fade 4
  • Speed 5
  • Glide 3

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